Personal Ambulance Billing Service

Enhanced Service

As EMS workers, managers and board members, we know that ambulance services need to focus on medical services, not billing services. We're here to make the billing process simple for you. In fact, all of our billing staff are Certified Ambulance Coder® trained—the first all-EMS billing company in the nation to achieve this distinction.

Here's how you get Enhanced Service

  • We get to know you personally! Work with knowledgeable Enhanced staff members who are assigned to your account.
  • Use the bank of your choice! Deposit your money directly into your bank for consistent cash flow.
  • Work more efficiently! Enjoy billing programs that are tailored to your department's needs.
  • Get quicker results with live phone support! Speak with a real person.
  • Learn from industry professionals with in-house documentation training! Get trained in the comfort of your own office. 
  • Easy resolution for ALL of your patients! Communication in more than 150 languages.
  • Enjoy quick payment processing and convenient hours! Knowledgeable and courteous phone and email support. 
  • Save time by avoiding a trip to the bank! Faster, more secure remote check deposit program.
  • Gain instant access to your information when you need it! View on-demand Internet-based reporting when you want it.

An Alternative to Traditional Billing Services

Enhanced Management Services is your alternative to traditional billing services. Enhanced takes pride in getting to know its ambulance service clients in a personal way. Clients are closely involved in the day-to-day process and help Enhanced develop a custom procedure that works best for them. At Enhanced, clients are considered colleagues. Our offices are an extension of your business.

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Documentation Training
Made Easy

Want to know more about documentation? We provide you with expert training straight from the industry professionals themselves. When you sign up with Enhanced Management Services, you'll receive training on a variety of topics that will help ensure your ambulance billing process is effective and efficient. To see what our documentation training is all about, be sure to check out our:

Patient Care Report Writing | Documentation 101 Blog Series . . .

Guaranteed cash flow during transition.