Enhanced Client Portal

Ambulance Billing Customer Portal

As part of the enhanced billing and service promise, Enhanced Management Services provides customers with convenient, 24/7 online access to billing reports. Just log on to portal.enhancedms.com on your desktop or mobile device to start keeping a pulse on your account.

Features of Enhanced Client Portal:

  • Monitor cash flowView your payments by month and percentages of payments by payors.
  • Track trip volumeSee peaks in trip count and compare by month and payor.
  • Customize charts and graphsFilter visual data to show exactly what you need or want to know, whether sorting by date of service, aging details, specific trucks or certain zip codes.
  • Secure FTP exchangeSpeed up report processing by sharing documents directly with Enhanced and receiving important data from us.

Enhanced Mobile Client Portal

Introducing the industry's first mobile reporting solution! With virtually all the same features of the desktop Enhanced Client Portal, you have access critical account information right at your fingertips. Wherever you are, whenever you need to check your account, Enhanced Mobile Client Portal gives you the capability to:

  • Monitor cash flow
  • Track trip volumes
  • See report summaries

Want to know more about Enhanced Client Portal? Call Chuck today at 800-369-7544 ext. 803 or by email at chumphrey@enhancedms.com.

We created Enhanced Client Portal with our clients in mind. If there's a way to make your job easier and get you your cash faster, we'll make it happen. We've been perfecting ambulance billing technologies since the very beginning. Learn more about our Enhanced Technology.

Guaranteed cash flow during transition.