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Enhanced Achieves 5010 Version X12 Compliance for HIPAA Transactions

Enhanced Management Services, Inc, an emergency medical services and ambulance billing company announces its compliance with the Version 5010 X12 standards of readiness for HIPAA transactions. Compliance ensures that ambulance companies’ claims continue to be paid after January 1, 2012 instead of being returned rejected and unpaid. Enhanced attained this compliance well in advance of the required deadline to assure that there was no interruption to their client’s cash flow.

Enhanced President/CEO, Joel B. Gum, enthusiastically announced that months of coordination and internal efforts contributed to his company’s complete readiness well in advance of the January 1, 2012 deadline imposed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

“Our company’s culture of strict compliance drove an enormous effort to beat the CMS deadline on behalf of all of our clients,” Gum said. “Achieving this goal is a testament to the quality of services Enhanced Management Services provides within the ambulance billing industry. While others were scrambling to just ‘make the list’ of vendors who were applying to become 5010-ready vendors, Enhanced was fully approved for production by all of the Medicare Administrative Contractors, States’ Medicaids and Clearinghouses we interact with well in advance of the compliance deadline. I’m proud that we represent our clients’ best interests in such a pro-active manner.”

Enhanced’s Operations Manager, Heather S. Derr comments, “Many ambulance companies do not realize how important this transition is for them. Our commitment to meeting this goal in advance of the deadline assured that our clients would not find that their ambulance claims have gone unpaid when insurance payers refused to accept electronic claims in the old 4010 format. Ambulance companies that are not compliant will discover that their billing office is unable to submit the claims in the new 5010 format. This will cause these companies a considerable amount of financial stress when their claims are returned rejected and unpaid. Enhanced’s clients, of course, will never know that stress and we like it that way!”

Headquartered in Danville Pennsylvania, Enhanced maintains satellite offices in Bel Air, Maryland and suburban Pittsburgh. The company has been providing high-end EMS-only billing services since 2001 and boasts a continually growing ambulance company clientele list. As part of the billing services package, Enhanced offers a wide-range of electronic capabilities to its clients including Internet-based On-Demand Reporting, Remote Check Deposit electronic funds transfer, an educational industry-related Blog and on-site, pre-hospital documentation compliance training.

Guaranteed cash flow during transition.