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Enhanced Management Services Announces the Ambulance Industry's First Mobile Reporting Solution

Danville, PA – Enhanced Management Services, a leader in the ambulance billing industry, has developed the ambulance industry’s first mobile reporting solution. Enhanced Mobile Client Portal securely delivers billing reports to client’s mobile devices. From monitoring cash flow and viewing trip volume to retrieving charts and graphs filtered to their exact needs, Enhanced Mobile Client Portal enhances the client experience by enabling access to their data anytime and anywhere.

Enhanced Mobile Client Portal is the latest of several service offerings Enhanced Management Services has developed for their clients. It evolved from Enhanced’s on-demand reporting system developed in 2011. From any computer, client companies can now access trip data and billing reports, as well as have the ability to share and receive documents with Enhanced through a secure FTP exchange on the Enhanced Client Portal customer portal.

“The team at Enhanced knows the industry inside and out, so we realized the benefits of a mobile solution right away. Anything we can do to help our clients access their data simply and quickly is a service we are proud to provide. To be the first in the industry to do this is what we strive for as a company. We are continually seeking enhanced solutions for our clients,” notes Joel B. Gum, President and CEO of Enhanced Management Services.

Headquartered in Danville, Pennsylvania, Enhanced also maintains two strategically located satellite offices. The company has been providing high-end EMS-only billing services since 2001 and boasts a continually growing nationwide clientele list.

Learn more about Enhanced PulsePoint Mobile.

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