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Enhanced Management Services "CAC Wall of Pride"

Certified Ambulance Coder Wall of Pride

CAC "Wall of Pride"

Enhanced Management Services headquartered in Danville, Pennsylvania takes pride in the
quality of its billing services and its relationship with its clients. Enhanced works closely with the client to ensure the ambulance company's ongoing involvement in the day-to-day process of reimbursement management. The Enhanced office is an extension of the ambulance provider's business.

Enhanced's pride in what they do extends to their staff as well. When the National Academy of Ambulance Coding (NAAC) announced the Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC) course was available as an online training and certification program, Enhanced immediately seized the opportunity to certify 100% of their billing staff, becoming one of the first EMS billing companies in the nation to do so. Enhanced continues to require CAC Certification of new employees as part of its extensive training program. The diplomas of the company's CAC graduates are proudly displayed on the "CAC Wall of Pride" for visitors and staff to see when entering the company's corporate headquarters in Danville.

According to Joel B. Gum, President and CEO, "We immediately recognized the value of the CAC program and required all billing staff to be certified within 30 days of the program's inception. Our clients have the confidence that all claims are managed by a staff of individuals who are full trained and certified using ambulance-specific criteria."

For more information about Enhanced Management Services, visit their website at
www.enhancedms.com or call them toll free at (800) 369-7544. Additional information about NAAC and the Certified Ambulance Coder program can be found at www.AmbulanceCoding.com or by calling (877) 765-6222.

Contact us for more information about how the CAC certification can help your ambulance company.

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