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First responder fundraising efforts bill approved by Senate

October 22, 2015
FROM:     Don Konkle, Executive Director, PFESI
RE:         First responder fundraising efforts bill approved by Senate

Legislation intended to assist local first responders in their fundraising efforts was unanimously approved by the Senate 

House Bill 138, legislation introduced by Representative Frank Farry, would allow first responders -- after getting local approval -- to fundraise on local roadways, with programs such as those where firefighters collect donations in a boot.

The bill returns to the House for concurrence on Senate amendments.

Senator Vulakovich, a former municipal police officer, said he recognizes the importance of the roadway fundraising efforts.

"Many volunteer fire departments have historically held fundraisers along roadways without incident," Senator Vulakovich said. "These types of fundraisers are often successful because they are highly visible to the community. Without such visibility, it can be difficult to attract attention for such worthy causes. Ultimately, this legislation would make the issue a local matter."

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