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Enhanced Management Services, Inc. is pleased to announce the Ambulance Billing Services blog at www.ambulancebillingservices.com. We created the blog as a way to share tips that will help you streamline your billing services and collect more money. We’ll also talk about industry news and trends as it relates to the administrative billing services for ambulance companies.

What’s Happening at the Ambulance Billing Services Blog

Red Flag Rule Information posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2009.
Since sending out the email about how to comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s “Red Flag Rules,” several questions have arisen. We wanted to take a moment and offer three simple facts about the “Red Flag Rules” for ambulance services.

Click here to learn the 3 simple facts about the Red Flag rules.

Guaranteed cash flow during transition.

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    Most PCRs are fairly good at capturing what is happening with the patient and the treatment actions taken. When it comes to the results of that treatment, whether the patient reacted neutrally, positively or negatively, they typically fall short. This part of documentation is essential for our reassessment of the patient.

  • Defining EMS for our Communities--Facility Education

    Not all ambulance calls are 9-1-1 emergencies. Often, calls come from healthcare facility requests. But there is a need for healthcare facilities to become better educated on Medicare’s coverage requirements for ambulance transports. Learn how to educate them and how it can positively affect your ambulance company.

  • Pediatric Patient Pitfalls

    Documentation of a pediatric patient can be tricky, from getting them to assess and verbalize what they're feeling to obtaining a legal signature to follow-up and collections. Read Enhanced's insights on collecting information on pediatric runs to get your process and training in place.