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PA lawmakers send Wolf bill funding 911 centers

June 25, 2015
FROM:     Don Konkle, Executive Director, PFESI
RE:         PA lawmakers send Wolf bill funding 911 centers

HARRISBURG (AP, June 25) - A bill to raise millions to fund 911 emergency call centers is headed to Gov. Tom Wolf following final passage in the Legislature.

The Senate voted unanimously on Thursday to increase the fees paid by phone customers, typically $1 a month, to $1.65 a month.

The centers require about $292 million a year to operate, but the phone bill fee hasn't been enough to pay the full cost so counties have had to subsidize the centers.

The county commissioners' association says the bill also reduces overhead, improves planning and paves the way for modern technological upgrades.

The legislation gives 911 centers in Allentown and Bethlehem four years to pursue consolidation with their county systems.

Guaranteed cash flow during transition.