Benefits of Enhanced's Ambulance Billing Services

Ambulance Billing Done Right.®

Enhanced Management Services, Inc. understands that you have more important things to worry about. Our EMS billing process, dedicated staff, superior technology, and commitment to compliance will help you make your ambulance service more efficient and profitable.

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Enhanced Cash Flow

  • Get more money! Benefit from higher collection rates.
  • Remove the ups and downs of collections! Your claims are processed daily.
  • No interruption in cash flow! Experience a quick and easy start-up process.

Learn how to get more ambulance billing cash flow with Enhanced.

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Enhanced Service

  • We get to know you personally! Work with knowledgeable Enhanced staff members who are assigned to your account.
  • Use the bank of your choice! Deposit your money directly into your bank for consistent cash flow.
  • Work more efficiently! Enjoy billing programs that are tailored to your department's needs.

Discover how our customer service takes the hassle out of ambulance billing.

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Enhanced Technology

  • Get critical reports anytime! View on-demand Internet-based reporting in Enhanced Client Portal when you want it.
  • Receive payments quicker & easier! Collect payments 24/7 through
  • Use the technology you already have! Your data imported electronically from the ePCR solution of your choice.

See a higher return on investment because of advanced technology at Enhanced.

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Enhanced Compliance

  • Have peace of mind about compliance! All Enhanced billing staff are Certified Ambulance Coder® trained.
  • Stay knowledgeable about industry issues! Learn from Enhanced experts through posts, emails & more!
  • Be proactively protected! Stay covered with a complete, written, working compliance plan!

Stay protected with the proactive compliance program at Enhanced.

Guaranteed cash flow during transition.